Thursday, March 04, 2021

It's A Sunny Day

      Sunny today, and seasonably warm: a predicted high of fifty degrees as opposed to yesterday's unseasonable sixty.

      I intend to enjoy it.  I got my car's oil changed yesterday, the first time in more than a year (a year of even less driving than usual), which is one small worry off my back.

      I'm scheduled to receive the first of (probably) two vaccine shots on the 19th, which helps with another worry -- and unlike many of the measures to help control the virus that were individual inconveniences in the aid of community health, vaccination helps the vaccinated person directly and the good it does the community around them is an added benefit.  Call me callous if you want to but I am pleased to be able to do something that will improve the odds for me.

      Here's hoping for a better 2021.


Ritchie said...

Locke held that persons have a right and duty to preserve their own life and well-being. Take yes for an answer. In support of others as well as one self.

Robert said...

Roberta: If you can, you might wanna plan on taking a day off work two days after that second shot when your immune system revs up. I felt essentially no effect from the first shot. The second, however, was rather noticeable.