Monday, October 03, 2022

An Unusual Breakfast

      Okay, not that unusual.  And I swear I had no idea it was just after World Vegetarian Day until after breakfast.

      Yesterday, we had a steak dinner.  The grocer had a great price on ribeyes, and with shiitake and maitake mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and baked potatoes, they made a fine dinner.  I even cleared the old ash and charcoal from the grill and used fresh, new lump charcoal.*  (Mushrooms cooked with a little butter in an open pan on the grill are a real treat on a steak, if you ask me.)

      It made for a large meal.  I'd picked up half an apple pie (fresh-baked in the store's own kitchen!) and we had vanilla ice cream, but dessert was out of the question.

      Apple pie doesn't last forever.  Why not enjoy a slice of hot apple pie with a scoop of vanilla for breakfast?  It's not that different from fruit-topped sugary cereal with milk, after all.  And so good with coffee.
* Roasting in a covered pan on the grill, I will let ash build up as I conserve charcoal by shutting off the air and letting the coals go out.  But it reaches a point where I have to fish out the biggest pieces and throw away the rest, especially since I'd run out of the lump stuff and have been using briquettes instead.  Fine for roasting but not my first choice for grilling. And you really don't want too much loose ash when making steaks on the grill.


shreck said...

You mean I'm not the only H. Beam Piper fan?

Roberta X said...

Indeed you are not. I admire Piper's work.

But you'll have to remind me why this surfaces now.

Anonymous said...

Apple pie for breakfast should be topped with melted cheddar cheese, not ice cream. Sheesh. Kids these day, I just don’t know… ;-)

shreck said...

Just came across your blog, linked somewhere. Read the bio and I had recently re read The Worlds Of H Beam Piper.

Roberta X said...

Anonymous: there are no normal circumstances under which I would substitute cheddar cheese for ice cream on apple pie.

Cop Car said...

Some of us are satisfied by pouring a bit of milk over fruit pie or cobbler. Ice cream is better, but who can keep ice cream at home. (I eat my cheddar with a raw apple.)

I just baked a Marie Callender's frozen apple streusel pie - first time. Delicious! Husband doesn't care much for fruit pies (give him pecan, chocolate, or lemon), but he will eat it without complaint.