Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Happy Birthday, Tamara

      Tam is [undisclosed] years old today!

      And remember, dear friend, a restaurant can have a senior discount even if they don't have a senior menu.


Mike V said...

Wish her a Happy Birthday!!! for us, please.

RandyGC said...

Happy Birthday Tam!

I keep forgetting to ask if they have a Senior Discount (is that a sign that I am old enough to qualify)?

Of course, most of my meals out are at the local VFW post where I'm one of the young punks.

Anonymous said...

Happy circumsolar day to her, as they used to say in a part of the internet one doesn't need to be a senior to remember.
I like IHOP: basic breakfast/lunch, predictable service. Their ever-flowing coffee pot does seem to have trimmed down the last few years. The senior menu is just smaller portions for smaller prices.
But does one want to admit one is old enough to get the senior discount? (Speaking as someone who is old enough)
Jeffrey Smith

RHT447 said...

Happy birthday to Tam indeed! May TPTB at Social Security smile favorably upon her. Come May, my odometer rolls over from 6 to 7. Lots of senior discounts out there, but many you have to dig/ask for. Nice thing about Texas is that veteran's discounts are everywhere, even Jack in the Box (an observation, not a recommendation).

Cop Car said...

I would take senior discounts all day long - age 85. As to IHOP, I'll leave that to the youngsters. Went to one with the great-grandkids a few years ago and vowed never to visit there again. Too noisy, too many people. And that was before COVID.