Thursday, February 02, 2023

Oh, The Tinfoilnanity!

      Conspiracy theories are popular these days, right?  Okay, I've got one: the real reason for the high price and reduced availability of eggs is simple: politicians want to make them too costly to waste throwing at...politicians!

      Yes, you read it right here first, folks.  It's a covert bipartisan effort to keep the egg off their faces.

      And only a real subversive would point out that it's still not all that expensive to raise your own egg-laying chickens.


Anonymous said...

As one who has raised "layers", keeping a couple of chickens for eggs is probably a lot more work and money than the average consumer might think. I'll let the producers sell me eggs, even at 50 cents each!

Prairiedruid said...

The eggs I get from my chickens cost more than store bought. Feed costs have gone up considerably in the last year. I'm lucky to be near a small town with a feed mill which helps. The eggs I get have bright orange yolks and I think taste better. Getting to watch "Chicken TV" as the world tries to eat itself is an added bonus.

Jay Dee said...

Who needs eggs. Any Amish community has a plethora of road apples available.