Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Maybe Take A Walk Instead

      I've seen a few bloggers posting their "conversations" with AI chatbots, sometimes on heavy subjects indeed.  Fun as that may be, there's no one inside the box.  It's just a fancy way of taking to yourself.  While I understand that many people appear to feel that there's no one inside other humans, too, that's no excuse.

      Alexa and I occasionally have little "talks," but it's just a silly game, pushing buttons to find any Easter eggs the programmers put in.  The supercharged version isn't different, other than having no intentional surprises.

      Get outside.  Get some sunlight.  Touch green growing things.  Who knows, you might possbly exchange a few words with a real human being, even if their views are not a hundred percent in lockstep with your own.


Cop Car said...

I took your advice to touch green things. I pulled weeds!

jdunmyer said...

Back in the early 1990s, I had a BBS with a version of Eliza, a "sorta" AI chat bot. On occasion, I'd watch a user interact with "her". It was fascinating at times, some folks seemed to think that "she" was real.