Tuesday, November 28, 2023

I'm Still Here

     Just not blogging much.  You know what I think of current politics, and there's only so much pointing-with-alarm one can do.  TV and movies of my youth led me to believe quicksand would be a far more prominent danger than it has turned out to be, but it also told me that dangerous religious fanatics would reliably be shaggy-bearded, wild-eyed, gaunt, white-haired patriarchs intoning Bible verses in a hollow bass; it told me political extremists would be kooks, bomb-throwers and never, ever gain elective office.

     It was all fatuous nonsense.  Except for the part about quicksand.  We have got problems, and they're coming from newly-emboldened fringes, trying to pass themselves off as the real center.

     Elsewhere, I have been busy with NaNoWriMo (I'm far, far behind schedule) and other writing; but I'm trying to write commercial stuff, which means I can't share it here.  And I am trying to keep up with my job.  My workplace changed greatly right before the pandemic and not, I think, for the better in terms of it being an interesting or engaging place to work.  But it still pays well and offers an excellent benefits package, so I'm sticking with it, enzombified as it now is.


Bob said...

You are directed to feel good. You have a well paying job, the world is not collapsing against you, and you have good friends. What's to worry about?

Joe in PNG said...

I was also led to expect that the people using religion as a political steppingstone would be a bit more involved in their kayfabe, and that revealing their moral hypocrisy would be a huge public scandal.
Then we see Trump, Gaetz, Bobert, and others who don't even really try to hide their moral foibles- and don't really need to for that matter.