Friday, December 01, 2023

Still Here

     Still here so far, and expecting a Phone Company person later this morning to install faster Internet, since what I have is now obsolete.


grich said...

Are they fixing you up with a different flavor of DSL or a 2-pair bonded DSL?

People in our metro have been jumping from DSL and cable to the new fiber providers in droves. Of course, the fiber providers are competing with each other to see how many high-count phone cables they can skewer with horizontal boring. They are also efficient at finding gas lines.

I live in a small town served by a co-op telco. We've had fiber since 2010, and I am SPOILED.

Roberta X said...

Nope. Fiber. It's glass all the way in, right to the modem. Fiber from the genuine original telephone company, or what's left of it after the Feds hacked it into bits and then one of the bits ate all the other bits and finished by chewing off the head of the original corporate entity and wearing the carcass like a suit. But hey, it all worked out to give us Internet under glass. And it's fast, or at least it is so far.

The installation took several hours. Roseholme Cottage is crowded, and the overhead real estate in our back yard isn't much better. The drop had to thread the needle between the separate power feeds to the house and the garage. At one point, I had to climb on the garage roof and free the new run from being stuck under a shingle. Getting across the basement, through the floor of the office and up to my desk was another series of challenges.

But it's in now, the old telephone drop is intact (early versions of the Phone Company's offer required removal of the landline, a non-starter) and many of the devices are on the new wi-fi.

Anonymous said...

Your description of the post-divestiture landscape was excellent. I'll have Vincent D'Onofrio and his MIB "meat sack" character in my head today :D

Our big city Baby Bell grandchild has been slow in residential fiber deployment. My small town ILEC took over the old GTE properties in our state. They just did an overhead fiber installation about a year ago. Not sure how many takers there are. The co-op telco got their toehold into our town by taking over the failing CATV system. They are now 100% glass, turning down their last copper telco plant 2 years ago.

grich said...

Oops, I accidentally sent my last post as anonymous.