Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Um, No

     I could swear the local news told me this morning that Republican Representative Patrick McHenry, announcing he will not run for re-election, said he would "serve out the remainder of his four-year term."  I'm really hoping I misheard.  That's not how House terms work.  Congressperson McHenry knows that, and if I heard it correctly, there's a news producer out there who does not.

     Meanwhile, the Texas GOP has shied away from banning their party members from associating with N-zis, neo-N-zis and antisemites -- that would be people like, say, Nick Fuentes, who's apparently been doing the Texas Two-Step with a big right-wing political consulting firm in the Lone Star State.  Look, if your party can't even slam the door on Holocaust deniers, it's not much of a party.  Tensions are running pretty high down there, especially in the wake of the attempted impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and it's anyone's guess how that's going to work out.


grich said...

The AP story on Mr. McHenry quotes, “I will be retiring from Congress at the end of my current term." I'd chalk the four-year thing to a producer perhaps needing a Civics refresher; more likely overworked and hurrying to finish the story.

As to Texas, there's nothing you can buy at Buc-ee's that's going to fix that mess.

Joe in PNG said...

One would think that having the Greatest and Most Popular President of All Time! (POFAZ)* as their frontrunner would allow the Republicans room to be able to make such symbolic actions without the fear of alienating radical but essential fringe groups? I'm shocked.

All kidding aside, if a political party has to kowtow to the kook fringes in order to scrape up enough votes to make up a majority, they probably need a positional rethink, maybe a full reboot?

*He would have totally won 2020 in a landslide if it weren't for those vote meddling swamp creatures!