Thursday, April 18, 2024

Nota Bene

     If you're going to write as if you slept on a thesaurus, you'd better not hit a single wrong note.  Use the right word, not one that smells vaguely like the word that ought to be there.  Remember, Mr. Roget is not big on nuance; that part is up to you.  If all the words in that great big heap on the page meant the exact same thing, most of them wouldn't exist.  Those puppies might be in the same litter but they've each got their own set of spots.

     One of Lester Dent's characters from "Doc Savage" is known for his fondness for feature-length words.  Dent had great fun having the character apply them in a slightly askew way around everyone except Doc -- presumably because he knows Doc wouldn't tolerate being BSed.  Unless your name is William Harper Littlejohn and you're confident you can get away with BSing the people you're nattering at, stick to using plain old everyday words.

     They work just fine.

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Well I'll be superamalgamated!