Wednesday, May 15, 2024


     While I have been sick, the mess in Gaza has continued, as has its spillover into domestic politics, both on college campuses and in the Presidential campaign, where Horseshoe Theory is alive, well, and spitting mad that the incumbent President hasn't Done Something.  As near as I can figure, one side of the extreme ends of the horseshoe thinks the President runs Israel, or at least can call their government to heel, while the other end thinks either the Israelis or the Jews run the President, except for the large group that thinks we should be pouring arms into the region so they can get their End Times on.  Meanwhile, the cognitive dissonance of the vast overlap between the "Jews will not replace us" idiots and the solemn Congressional morons (and their fans) lecturing college presidents about anitsemitism seems to pass with little notice.

     And none of it -- not one bit -- serves to reduce the mountain of dead adults and children in and around Gaza, nor does it help to feed and house the survivors.  I suppose all involved over here get to bask in the warm glow of having Done Something, and I guess we'll see peace in the Middle East once everyone over there has killed off everyone else in the region.

     It brings to mind what Mark Twain had to say about the common or ordinary fly.

     For the bloodlessly intellectual types, Lanchester's Laws say interesting things about the defender's advantage in warfare, but I'm finding the math difficult to work, what with all the crying.


Bob said...

Please try not to denigrate people with your comments like "idiots" or "morons". It just forecloses any real discussion. Your opponents may be a lot of things but they're probably not low 80ish IQ morons.

Roberta X said...

Tell ya what, Bob, just as soon as these Senators and U. S. Representatives stop either being fools and morons (Menendez, Greene, Tuberville) or cosplaying as idiots (Cruz, Hawley, etc.) because it appeals to the masses, I'll stop calling them nitwits.

Until then, not so much. And at least the genuinely stupid ones have the excuse of not being able to do any better -- which is no excuse for the voters not demanding better. Voting for fuckwits -- real or pretend -- because "they make me feel good" or "they infuriate the people I dislike" has proven itself to be a recipe for very bad trouble and we need to give it up. I'll take a smart and hardworking pol with whom I have a few policy disagreements over one who gives me "the feels," every time. You should, too.

When I refer to them by name, I usually give their proper title and full name. I won't use cute-insulting nicknames. But I am sick and tired of damfoolishness in office, of posturing and playacting, of genuine, gleeful, entitled stupidity.