Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chilly-Morning Fare

     There's something comforting about an egg fried with a small slice of prosciutto on top, then flipped over and finished with a slice of cheese on the new top, the whole thing being served on a slice of toast (cheese side down) when done. It'll warm you right up.  (The tiny one-egg frying pan helps it cook quickly, too.)

     Before adding the egg, I gave the pan a couple of twists from a "Montreal Steakhouse" spice weasel, little more than pepper, salt and a hint of garlic.  YMMV.


Carteach said...

I too enjoy twisting that weasel over my eggs. A trick taught me by a school principal, who taught me little else.

perlhaqr said...

OMG. I use that Montreal Steak Seasoning in darn near everything. It's a very handy go to mixture of good yummy stuff. I buy it in the tall trapezoidal containers. I do kinda wish it had about half as much salt in it as it does. If I could buy a purely unsalted mix of the same stuff, I'd just mix 'em half and half.

But, yeah. A sprinkle on eggs, a tablespoon in the chili con carne (a big pot of it, mind you), and of course, on steaks.

Tam said...

"I too enjoy twisting that weasel over my eggs."



Jeffro said...

I am a fan of Montreal Steak Seasoning as well - using the spicy variety at the moment.

Scott_S said...

Montreal Steak seasoning - on buttered and grilled asparagus with baked potato (loaded of course) and a medium rare ribeye. Quite possibly the best tasting trio ever devised for dinner.