Friday, October 11, 2013

They Do Exist: Left-Libertarians

     Mind you, they're a spectrum same as Right-Libbytarians, with dire and dreadful anarchists like me stuck in the middle--*

     But from what I've seen, C4SS, the Center For A Stateless Society, are mostly socially liberal and no more fond of the coercive socialist elements of the modern American Left than I am.  Anyway, they have some interesting thoughts in The Panthers Were Right and Reagan Was Wrong on Gun Control.

      I will offer a clarification and a quibble: the article says (former) President Reagan "put his weight behind the AWB," but this is disputed by some Reagan scholars, who mostly blame underlings; and the "Panthers" in question are the old-school original Black Panthers, whose California experiment in long-gun open carry had precisely the same result as more-recent California OC efforts: the state legislature panicked and made the laws even more strict.  (As for the latter, I suppose we can conclude that CA's government is therefore more hoplophobic than racist.  Makes me wonder just what kind of skullduggery they are up to, that they'd so consistently want citizens disarmed, but perhaps I'm just a worrywart.  And if pigs had wings....)
* Oh, woe is us, we are martyrs, hated and feared and misunderstood...  Er, a-hem.  No; that's a dopey notion no matter who puts it forth.  Looky, whatever you believe, the diversity of human thought is such that a lot of people will loathe you for it.  When you pop outta the echo chamber and discover this, you can either assume you're such a singularly special snowflake that you simply must be right because they all hate you, or you can wise up and realize that it makes you pretty much the same as every other little flake, falling, falling from the darkness to the dirt, and the snowplow's gonna sweep them all away with nary a blink at their uniqueness.  Sure, you're special and so'm I, but so's everybody else crammed into this too-short bus.  Get over it.


Dave H said...

A big government able to properly manage Utopia for the good of all pretty much requires every citizen to be dependent on it. Otherwise they'll just wander off like cats instructed to fetch. Security is already established as a responsibility of the State, so people who take responsibility for their own security aren't dependent, and likely to wander off. (See "cats," above.)

I wonder if that's why The Ones Who Know Best spend more time wringing their hands over black rifles and almost none over street criminals and gang members with handguns. The criminals are 1) not using the guns for self defense, so they're not usurping the State's responsibility, and 2) helping convince the citizens that they NEED the State to protect them.

BatChainPuller said...

Just for the record.

Anonymous said...

OMG.... the footnote is the BEST bit of Snark about uniqueness that I have read in a long time.

+5 internets to you, Miss X.

Cheers, and keep your powder dry.

Roberta X said...

Thank you, thank you...! I do try. :)

Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

Remember, Ms Ecks, You are Unique,
Just like everybody else.

Rich in NC

Stuart the Viking said...

An interesting article.

It's refreshing to see a "left-leaning" person admit the racist origins of gun control. That he tries to pin it on the republicans isn't surprising.

Maybe Mr. Gregory should look around and see just who it is that is pushing the vast majority of gun control.


Roberta X said...

"...tries to pin it on the republicans?"

What? RR's actions are a part of the historical record and only his support of the AWB is disputable; and Timothy "Act" Sullivan along with the pols who denied MLK's application for a carry permit were distinctly *not* GOP. So quickly, people have forgotten what racist party ran the "solid South?" There's a win for Dem PR machine.

Stuart, you've leapt without looking. This is exactly what both of the Parties of Treason want their supporters to do and I know you are cleverer than that.