Thursday, October 03, 2013

Narrative? Shattered.

     The racist, paleface gunman from the stick-in-the-mud Midwest who shot his way into the White House Thursday?  Didn't have a gun, never got close, and may possibly have been a bubbly, female, African-American dental hygienist living in Connecticut.

     About the only way this could get further off the rails would be if they find out she had some kind of metabolic problem that could cause severe confusion -- and was suffering from it at the time.  --Or if she had a huge bee in her bonnet about ACA, so-called "Obamacare."

     Look for this one to drop right off the radar unless the media figure out how to spin it into something that fits comfortably with their neat little worldview, in which all bad things have "Made in GOP" stamped on the underside.


Jess said...

During my time of working on streets and highways, I've seen people literally panic, when I walked up to their car. Usually, it's only to ask if they need assistance, or to direct them out of the barrels.

The reactions are expressions of fear and one woman almost hit me as she jammed her foot in the accelerator to "escape" from the threat I presented.

I'm hoping this isn't a similar incident, but the pieces of information that are trickling out of the reports don't indicate a deliberate effort to be violent.

Tam said...

She probably went to and, when she finally got through all the technical difficulties, found out she was still expected to, you know, buy insurance.

I always get a little bent when people promise me free stuff and then tell me I have to pay for it, too, so I can understand the reaction.

Divemedic said...

I had a Facebook conversation about this with an antigun liberal yesterday as events unfolded. This is how it went:

Lib: I bet the female suspect had a three cornered hat with tea bags on it in her back seat.

Me: It turns out there was no three cornered hat or tea bags. Instead, it turns out to be a 34 year old black dental hygienist who moved to Stamford, CT from Brooklyn. She had a history of mental illness, and was a registered Democrat.

Lib: Oh, she was a Democrat? Nevermind then. She was completely justified in her actions and I completely understand why she did what she did. (We democrats gotta stick together) Side note: yet another reason for a stricter gun control policy.

Me: She was unarmed, the only shots fired were from law enforcement.

Lib: I must have misread the article or am not up on the new developments. I thought she was firing shots also. I still stand by my statement even if it doesn't apply to the current issue.

That is a glimpse into the antigun mind.

Down State Dale said...

Postpartum Depression...
Probably found out it isn't covered under Obummercare.

Drang said...

As Divemedic noted, in your list of ways "this could get further off the rails" you failed to consider "She didn't have a gun, and the only shots were fired by Only Ones."

Not that anyone else considered it.