Thursday, October 17, 2013

J. Random Computer-Illiterate Bum Signs Up For Obamacare

     So, do you have to do it online, and what if you haven't got a computer and they won't let you back into the public library after that unfortunate "stinkypants" incident in six of their brand-new chairs?  And all the payphones along your patch have had the handsets ripped out and used to forcibly separate fools from money?

     Somewhere in America atop a multi-story walkup flophouse, a panhandler is taping a crayon-scrawled Health Exchange application to a carrier pigeon.  "Go, Mr. Feathers!  Fly me to the future," he says, as he kisses it and pitches it into the air.

     Damn pity about the tape around the wings, though.

     (Credit where credit is due: flawed though rollout has been, ACA does have some specific approaches to getting the homeless and other low-access and largely uninsured people signed up.  While I think the whole system has huge conceptual problems, at least they didn't "solve" that particular problem by pretending it wasn't there.  So.... If it didn't happen here, maybe it happened on the Hidden Frontier.)


Old NFO said...

Not going to end well... No computer, no signup, and if you use TOR, no access period! :-)

Robert Fowler said...

Damn pity about the tape around the wings, though.

I just snorted half a cup of hot coffee. You have won the internet for today, see our host to pick up your prize.

BGMiller said...

What's the sound of a million pigeons hitting terminal velocity?


Bubblehead Les. said...

Oh, this is easy! You just head down to the Local Shelter, where someone will contact the Former Acorn Employee who's since been hired to be a "Navigator," and they'll come and get you!

"Your Federal Tax Dollars at Work."

Anonymous said...

Look for all those friendly people who used to help you refinance your house find new jobs helping you sign up for health insurance.....although (reality check) those flophouse guys are probably on Medicaid and can probably navigate the Ocean of Documentation better than any of us.


Joseph said...

As God in my witness, I thought duct-taped pigeons could fly.