Tuesday, October 01, 2013


     I've written stuff on this-here stall divider in my corner of the Innernet every morning for a long, long time now, so I spose I'd better do so this morning, too.


     I have.


SJ said...

Not as much of a habit, but I suppose I should comment.

So I have.

JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

Am I detecting a wee bit of a pity-party goin' down in faire Roseholm? _I_ like you, Bobbi!! Whole bunches! Now get out there and kick some ass, you'll feel better.

Eck! said...

I"d suggest the following.

Take names,

Kick Ass,

Live long enough to see the hurt visit those that have hurt others.

Hang in there. Oh and work DX!


Unknown said...

So I am a troll, living where you graffiti and go. (sad face) Oh well I still like you.