Monday, October 14, 2013

Million Vet March: News

     Looks like they at least made local D.C. TV news.  And (according to the first link) made some tourists happy.

     The "CLOSED" signs have had a caveat added since they decided to let WW II veterans into their own memorial: "Except for 1st Amendment activities."  While I'm not sure if visiting a memorial to the war one fought in is specifically covered by the First Amendment (at least in any different way to J. Random Citizen going to see the same memorial), Sunday's protest certainly was.   Which might explain the lack of arrests -- that, and perhaps it's starting to occur to "the most transparent Administration in history" that the Emperor truly has no clothes. 


Anonymous said...

English is my first language so I may be at a disadvantage here but; "abridging...the right of the people peaceably to assemble"
Doesn't this first amendment right apply to all people accessing public properties that have been arbitrarily "closed"?
Or maybe it refers to Ikea furniture.

Robert Fowler said...

Great pictures of the march.

Check out the vet in the first picture. The one with the barrycade on his Segway, he has no legs. That is dedication.

Windy Wilson said...

Good point on peaceably assemble, anonymous. Nothing about requiring a political activity concurrently with the peaceable assembly.
Although perhaps the vets ought to make a political speech of some sort when they are there, just to fall within the ACLU-approved portion of the First Amendment.