Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"And When You Come Out Of That Coma, It's A Whole New Day."

     And so it is.  I hit the hay around three yesterday afternoon, then woke in the evening just long enough to make consommé and rye toast, and eat it while watching an episode of Orphan Black.*  Did the Facebook thing a little and I was out again until 4:55 this morning, when something in the machinery went "click" and I was awake without much of the usual struggle to the surface.

     14 hours, minus 1.5, maybe two.  Call it twelve hours of heavy sleep.  Yeah, the "sore thumb" shift is a walk in the park -- a park filled with muggers, poison ivy and wasps.

     I'm going to go soak in Epsom-salted bathwater: the sleep didn't do a whole lot for my various aches and pains.
* I started watching this clone drama a few weeks ago.  It's something of a guilty pleasure, as the "science" is at best dubious and the science-y special effects can border on silly at times, but the acting is good and so is the storytelling.  Lead actress Tatiana Maslany does an impressive job with her roles.  If you are at all inclined to culture wars - from either side! -- this Canadian SF soap opera might not be for you, as caricatures from all sides are in turn heroes and villains.  (I also want to know how Helena manages to maintain a bleached-out perm under the circumstances of her life, but I'm willing to overlook it.) 

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