Monday, September 12, 2016

Your Monday Is My Tuesday

     Yes, it's my Tuesday -- and the work day starts at 0300.  As in a.m.  And I've got a migraine and my temperature is spiking.

     Have I mentioned we're two techs short?  Yep.  Both out for (unrelated) medical, ETA unknown.  At this point, nobody else can be sick, even if they are.  I gulped some aspirin/acetaminophen combo a little while ago and I'm just waiting for it to kick in.

     Tam returned from gun school late Sunday, as red as a beet or perhaps a well-cooked lobster, and promptly fell asleep on the sofa fully-clothed, hat and shoes included.  I tried a few times (when awake; I was mostly off in my room chasing Zs, but I never manage much at a stretch on this shift) to get her to consider making a little more allowance for comfortable, though less combat-ready, sleep.  Nothing doing; she would kind of float to consciousness and I could see her decide it wasn't urgent without ever quite waking. I pity her alarm clock.


Anonymous said...

Apple cider vinegar is very helpful for a sunburn if caught early enough, but still helpful

Anonymous said...

Err, applied topically, forgot to mention.

JayNola said...

Spraying a sleeping Tam with Apple Cider might be adequate to rouse her. However you've just managed to rouse a sleeping Tam. I paraphrase the monster manual with the advice, "Let sleep Tams lie."

Roberta X said...

White vinegar works just as well, though it does not smell as pleasant.

Tam was not having any of it, and I was too tired to insist. The "sore thumb" shift does bad things to my mental state: two early-early days, the second with a start time two hours earlier than the first, followed by three days of my regular day shifts. By the end of the first day, I'm not tracking and it takes several days to catch up. One of the two techs I normally share that shift with has been filling in for the tech who works the remaining five mornings, and the other tech is out with pneumonia. And me, I have picked up a cough.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

We worked that way for several years...two support engineers, two consultant engineers (who were really the training/consulting guys but were seconded to product support when needed and when available), and me, their putative manager who stepped in to work frontline from time to time. It got crazy sometimes.

Then we hired another engineer who turned out to be basically worthless, and two more a year later, one of whom is really talented but has an arrogant streak a mile wide that his experience level doesn't warrant, and the other of whom has significant English issues that have caused some problems for us. But it's good enough to keep things going while the seniors take a break once in a while. Mind you, I'd characterize it "the rise of worse-is-better", but Richard Gabriel beat me too it years ago.

So it goes. I can retire in five years. Won't have any money, but I can retire, collect social security if any is left, and do something else that has nothing to do with computers for a little extra scratch. I can still swing a hammer and pilot a screwdriver, I guess.