Thursday, September 01, 2016

So, Food?

     Don't wanna blog about political stuff again,  haven't been shooting for a few weeks, so, food:

     Tam's pal Mike dropped off a loaf of artisanal semolina bread yesterday and we were resolved to find out how well it toasted.

     It toasts remarkably well, in fact.  But you can't just have toast; it makes Kafka sad.* So I hard-boiled an egg and sliced a nice tomato.  Butter on the toast, sliced hard-boiled egg atop that with a little salt and pepper, sliced tomato on the side with "Italian seasoning," and there you have as good a breakfast as you can turn out with very little effort.

     Also, if you haven't got a serrated bread knife, get one.  It'll make your life better.
* Yes, he said it first: "The washing up from breakfast lay on the table; there was so much of it because, for Gregor's father, breakfast was the most important meal of the day and he would stretch it out for several hours as he sat reading a number of different newspapers." The Metamorphosis, emphasis mine.


Countglockula said...

Absolutely right...

Breakfast is always the biggest meal for me, since I never know what's coming and the certainty of the next meal is always questionable these days!


Guffaw in AZ said...

Reportedly, MANY things made Kafka sad...

I think he'd be sad at the state of many first world breakfasts - mine included.
Although, how can fresh doughnuts make one sad? :-)


Anonymous said...

I really like fresh sourdough bread grilled with butter and with an egg in the 'hole' cut in the center of the slice.

Over-easy egg surrounded with tasty butter-toasted sourdough...