Thursday, September 08, 2016

Commander In What?

     I must admit that I have trouble picturing either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Trump leading an army.  Either one of them at the head of a howling mob, certainly, but an army?  Nope.

     But that's beside the point and last night, service members had a chance to ask them both some questions.  Early polling is mixed but it appears Mr. Trump did a little better at it.

     A larger story -- and a pity that it is -- is NBC's unusual choice to put fuzzy-warm morning show host Matt Lauer in the moderator's* seat.  The network has no shortage of wonks -- Chuck Todd, who gives every sign of living, breathing and probably bathing with Washington and world politics is oen and the network's long-time political reporter Andrea Mitchell is another.  Neither is without biases (and Mr. Trump is anything but a media darling) but they are professionals.  Mr. Lauer, and whoever prepped him for the gig, did not impress.  From "softball" questions to Mr. Trump to an extended (and apparently rambling) discussion of Ms. Clinton's e-mail mess, it was reportedly a suboptimal performance.

     I'd tell you first-hand, but I didn't watch.  Bombastic and snide or evasive and snide?  This is supposedly the choice?  Both contenders look to me to have anger-management problems; and this is the best their parties can find.

     Still voting for Mr. Johnson.  Maybe he can't win but he's still the only one running I can vote for without gagging.   If "shaddup and choke it down" is the flavor of the day, count me out.
* Since it wasn't really a debate, is the position that or a moderator, or what?  This is quite aside from the ability of the selected talking head to actually fulfill the duties thereof, whatever they were supposed to be.


Anonymous said...

I voted for Johnson last time around. After reading his VP's "stance" (vomit?) on gun control, I'm not enthused. Add in Johnson's position on affirmative action, and I"m just not seeing much libertarian in him. Will not vote for him again.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Johnson: "What is an Aleppo?"

Maybe lay off the reefer for a bit, Gary. No one wants to vote for a burnout. A stoner maybe, but not a burnout.

Roberta X said...

So, who do you have that's better?

Anonymous said...

Neither option is worth spitting at.

That said, Trump is the only realistic choice. Don't know how he will turn out, but maybe he'll lie to me too, but killary has been doing that for decades.

Sigh and sadly, a vote for a 3rd party is essentially a vote for killary {rech}.

I'll pull for Trump, but I am down to wondering if all elections in this country amount to is the ability for all the corruptocrats to say "see, I am legit".

Yeah, disgusting, but there it is...

Anonymous said...

I'm voting Trump, strictly as a vote against what the HildaBeast has said she *will* do to SCOTUS and the Federal courts.

Pulling the lever for Johnson hands a free vote for Clinton.

I implore you to *please* consider voting the same way.

Anonymous said...

To vote for Johnson is a protest against Trump. We can't even get a decent 3rd choice. But Johnson is as much the enemy as Clinton. Watch the video... Johnson is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Roberta X asks, Who is better? Trump is better. Trump is not wanting to limit or prohibit my God given liberties. Everything else is irrelevant in that light.

Johnson is on record every bit as Clinton for wanting to strip away those inalienable rights. Johnson is a Clintonian stooge.

Roberta X said...

I believe Mr. Trump is the greater danger compared to Mr. Johnson, and not less dangerous than Ms. Clinton. Neither of the front-runners respect the rule of law or the Bill of Rights -- which has more in it than just the Second Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Trump may be a complete disaster, emphasis on may.

Clinton will be a complete disaster, and just like the current disaster in the White House, she will be protected by her party and the main stream media (BIRM). There will be no effective checks on someone who is a protected and unindicted criminal. The GOP will only whine ineffectively and attempt to fundraise off our fears.

If Trump is elected, you can count on him being held to account for his actions. He is hated by the Democrats, the GOP establishment, and the main stream media. The will effectively neuter any of his crazy ideas (and most of his good ideas too).

Trump will restore the negative feedback system our government needs. Hillary will propel us full speed into the wall. SPLAT!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a nice hand basket we're in. We can't change the direction but we vote for slow or fast.


Anonymous said...

Here's a couple of lines from an interview Gary Johnson gave an Alaskan newspaper:

“To address climate change, Johnson said he believes “that there can be and is a free-market approach to climate change.”

That would include a fee — not a tax, he said — placed on carbon. Such a fee would make pollutants bear a market cost.

Well, it is a tax, one cooked up the the radical environmentalist Left. It's a carbon tax.

I know I have no hope of convincing you to back Trump, but if you have the time and inclination, this essay does a good job of explaining the dissident Right:

The Flight 93 Election

It's not only that the Clinton Crime Family must never again be allowed back into power (along with naming Supreme Court and other Federal judges, she will have control of the Justice, Treasury, and Homeland Security departments), it's high time something happens to diminish Conservatism, Inc. Today, Buckley Conservatism is mostly a Reagan Mystery Cult with a gift shop for their books, magazines and television programs. The conservatives, in the end, conserved nothing.

So I have a couple of different reasons to pull the pin and vote for Trump. If the GOP elites can be diminished and the party be something more than an ongoing surrender to left-liberalism, good. I suspect that, mollusc-like, they'll cling to their positions. In that case, I might look at the Libertarians next time. Forgive me, I have a hard time taking their man seriously this year.

Monty James

Anonymous said...

I am gonna pass on all three. I now believe the stupid saying "if voting mattered it would be illegal". I'm am with holding my vote for president. Otherwise I will vote for any down ballot third party. Nutty Old Geezer

Roberta X said...

I will not vote for Mr. Trump in part because the "alt-right" likes him. The Commies like Ms. Clinton, the Nazis like Mr. Trump, and bedamned if I will share my vote with either one. Seriously, those endorsements are automatic downchecks in my book. *My.* YMMV.

As for Mr. Johnson's various (and contradictory) public pronouncements, he's ignorant. He's not quite as dumb or evil as the other two and all of Congress would hate him with a white-hot loathing, which I see as good thing. He's not going to have a chance to infringe on much. Trump, Clinton, they'll have their fanboys, their sycophants, their toad-eaters. Johnson will be doing well to not have his soup spit in. Which of the three would do the least harm in office?

As for "sorry, but I'm voting for so-and-so...," don't apologize! You made up your own mind and picked someone different from me? Oh, boo-hoo. I'm a-gonna go vote right in yer face, so there -- and you do the same at me. That's not a matter for apologizing, it's how the machinery works. ...Or doesn't, it's a rigged game, but all the other kids are playin' it....

Anonymous said...

"Commander In What?"

When I saw that title, I thought you were going to talk about whether to get a 1911 Commander in 9mm or 45ACP.

Thinking like that makes me feel better than thinking about this damn election.

Roberta X said...


Windy Wilson said...

I consider Trump to be akin to Russian Roulette. Clinton is Russian Roulette with all cylinders filled.

I can take stupid if it's willing to note when it's being stupid or ignorant, so Gary Johnson it is. Besides, I'm in California where everyone is still a true believer and will vote for Clinton because family tradition or something, they voted for Kennedy and Truman, but they aren't running, not that that makes any difference.

I think if both "front runners" (It's like comparing Academy awards from the creative years and the lean years, and this is a lean year for front runners). were to retire or have accidents rendering them unable to run or serve, the VP's stepping in and campaigning would at least make it interesting. Mr. Foot-in-mouth vs MS Behind-your-back. What a choice the media has foisted on us again.

Windy Wilson said...

Does anyone else think this election is beginning to feel like the 1992 Governor's election in Louisiana, that bastion of serious, rational politics, between David Duke the racist and Edwin Edwards, the convicted embezzler?