Friday, September 02, 2016

Urgh, Blurble, Spam

     Wish I had more for you.  Politicians -- and more so, candidates -- are still insane and/or evil.  I used to think mostly evil, but evil would do a better job of it, get the weirdos running on time and streamline the infrastructure or at least wear interesting uniforms, so I'm increasingly leaning towards insane.  Unmoored from reality and it works for them, so why not impose it on everyone?  Who needs Morlocks and techies and persons from Porelock when lotus-dreams beckon, anyway? Don't the power plants and water treatment centers run themselves?  If you squint, you can see Flint, Michigan from there.

     I sat through a talk awhile back by an "industry leader" and to the extent I even understood what he was talking about, it appeared to be collusion in restraint of trade, a way of mass-negotiating favorable (for the buyer) rates for the actual product my employer sells, yet the big boss appeared to think the speaker was the very greatest thing since individually-wrapped cheese slices.  So either I missed something, or the guy is the best salesman in the entire history of selling, despite being, in fact, a buyer.

     As summer turns to autumn, the weather suddenly couldn't be nicer.  Of course this is wreaking havoc on my sinuses and my face has felt like it might explode for the last several days.  The more salubrious the weather, the worse it feels.

     A closing thought from the from the spam filters:

     I once tried to shave is not the machine, and the blade of the knife, which bought here [deleted URL].

     Go home, Skynet.  You're drunk.

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