Thursday, January 26, 2017


     Posting in advance because I have a cold.  Hoping to head out early tomorrow and get lotion-bearing facial tissue, zinc pills (and/or Zycam) and fresh donuts. 'Cos it might not help but it can't hurt.


Jay Dee said...

Don't forget the chicken soup. I have an easy egg drop soup recipe that I recently mastered.

(Note to self; wipe monitor with sanitizer. )

Roberta X said...

I made lazy chicken soup last night: a big jar of fancy vegetable soup, a small container of chicken stock and a cooked chicken breast. It's not home-cooked but it holds up well after simmering with some added spices.

Fresh Market carries two different brands of soup-in-a-glass-jar. It's not cheap but it's worth the price.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's a known scientific fact that alcohol kills germs.

Therefore, Dr. Anon (me) prescribes titrating your bloodstream with your poison of choice, beer or the harder stuff.

Translation: Slam 6 shots of vodka and call me in the morning... (hic!)

Countglockula said...

What Anon said...

My favorite, and most effective remedy, is bed rest with aspirin and frequent doses of peach brandy, applied orally. Helps with the scratchy throat, aids sleep, and generally kills most of the pain and discomfort.

My dosage is generally a pint a day, but that varies with the individual.

Get well soon,

RandyGC said...

Hope it's mild and short lived.

Darlin' Daughter had it last weekend, CINCHOUSE looks to be in the early phases, so I assume I'm next.

I actually prefer tomato soup when I'm sick, but won't turn down chicken if it's easily available.

pigpen51 said...

I am almost certain that you can blame you cold on climate change and the new president. They are the most obvious targets and are certainly responsible for every bad thing going on right now. Chicken soup and alcohol along with zinc are the only hope for mankind. Aspirin and as much rest as you can get wouldn't hurt,either. Good luck, and get well.