Friday, January 27, 2017

The Cold, Day Two

     Or possibly Day 2.5.  Whatever.  Yesterday, I scurried around and loaded up on supplies and nostrums (facial tissue, cough drops and zinc pills but alas, no donuts) and headed off to work.  Four and a half hours later, dizzy, nose constantly running, I realized I was panting and gasping if I did anything but sit in place.  I checked in with my boss and knocked off for the day.

     On the way home, I made the slowest five-and-dime trip of my life to pick up some more palliatives: Zycam and Vick's Vap-O-Rub.  Vick's is just an anti-stuffiness aid but it's comforting -- it was the cold treatment of my childhood.  Zycam may or may not  be all that effective but for me, it seems to help more than half the time.

     I got home mostly on instinct, nearly all of it on streets where 30 mph is perfectly acceptable, seeing as it is the speed limit.  I had a bite to eat and went to bed by 3:45 p.m., and stayed there until six this morning.  Didn't heve much trouble getting back to sleep each time stuffiness woke me, either.  I drifted between chills and feeling overheated.  Kept up with the various OTC treatments and this morning--

     The fountains of my sinuses have slowed but not stopped.  The back of my throat itches; the backs of my eardrums itch (!), or at least it feels as if they do.  My temperature is still a little up and down -- but I feel much better.  Or I did until I ate; now my temperature is climbing.  But that's usual for me and I'll ride it out.


emtgene said...

May I suggest that you consider getting a stress test for your heart? Back in 07 I was having some shortness of breath that I attributed to just being over-weight and out of shape. Since my father had died young with a heart attack I decided to get it checked out, long story short wound up having a triple by-pass. Something to keep in mind if the condition persists. Best to you and Tam.

Roberta X, in bed sick. said...

I probably should but the extreme sinus congestion is the most likely cause.