Sunday, January 15, 2017

Good Morning?

    I'm up.  I have a world-class headache.  I've been up since 4:00 a.m., which I do not recommend.

     Meanwhile, ijits are still yapping about "disqualifying" Donald Trump from holding the Presidency.  Look, kids, unless he's secretly under 35, hasn't lived in this country for at least 14 years or is a furriner (why does that one seem so familiar?  Oh, yeah) or served two terms in the office already,  all you've got is impeachement, which starts in the House of Representatives.  Good luck with that!

     This is not to say I think the man is totally wonderful or unimpeachable (no President is immune!), but there's five days left: he will be sworn in.

     At least one yammerhead has suggested that, once they push him out, there will be a "special rerun election."  Yeah, not finding that in my copy of the Constitution.  No, what you get is former Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who Trump opponents seem to hate more, for all that he is a quiet-spoken, non-grabby fellow: RIFRA was a Mark of Cain for the Left, and they don't care at all that he felt very bad about it afterwards.  Understandable, really. But the order of succession is quite clear; after Pence you get the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan), the President Pro Tem of the Senate (Orrin Hatch) and then it's the Cabinet, in order of creation of the position.  Not too sure where the party-line critics of Mr. Trump would like to stop on that list; I'm not seeing anyone of whom they would approve.

     Golly, the fun never stops.  Nor the headaches.  I'm just getting a head start.


Carteach said...

Hope the headache gets better. Here, it's a sinus thing.
Sleep... sleep... sleep..... FLOOD YOUR HEAD WITH CRUD! Oh... you were sleeping?

rickn8or said...

It's pretty apparent that most of people mouthing off about Trump didn't pay a lot of attention in Civics class.

And what Carteach said about the headache; take it easy and let the rest of us turn the crank for a while.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The complete insanity of previously perfectly-sane liberals* since the election absolutely floors me. I agree with rickn8or, these people clearly missed the entire point of their Civics or Government classes in high school.

You can't have freedom without responsibility, and one of those responsibilities is to understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and how they are supposed to apply to our civic life. Clearly the folks who intend to descend on the Inauguration festivities, vowing to disrupt them, never got that far.

* Well -- except that they were liberals. I mind one young friend who was a rabid Bernie supporter, hated Hillary with a passion...and flipped as soon as Hillary got the nomination into a rabid Hillary supporter (or at least, a rabid Trump hater). She and I are no longer friends -- her choice. And that was a solid 30-year friendship.

Anonymous said...

"The complete insanity of previously perfectly-sane liberals* since the election absolutely floors me."

You ain't seen *nothing* yet. I'm becoming more convinced we will be seeing some truly bizarre behaviors from them, bordering on (or flat outright) psychotic.

They are frozen on the Kubler-Ross anger stage of grief. And thy are just fine with that. Acceptance is inconceivable. They smoulder. They rage.

Progressives are so wed to their ideology they are incapable of seeing other points of view. Their way is the only way and everyone else is simply too stupid to understand it.

There's the difference. The Progs consider Conservatives too stupid to see the obvious.

We Conservatives, on the other hand, don't think the Left is stupid.

Not in the least. They know exactly what they are doing. They're *evil*.

The good news is, if they stay stuck, we will blow them out in 2020...

Jeff said...

"Golly the fun never stops." :D