Friday, January 27, 2017

Old News Or Old Me?

     Am I the only person who remembers the warm, friendly relationship between the Nixon Administration and the Press?  So much love!


Mike V. said...

It could be pretty frosty during Reagan's term as well IIRC.

Roberta X said...

True, though he was usually more gently chiding than "red in tooth and claw."

With Nixon's Administration, like Trump's, both sides were spoiling for a fight.

pigpen51 said...

But he was glad that they had Dick Nixon to kick around. At least he was president.
I remember once seeing a paperback book titled the wit and wisdom of Spiro Agnew. It was full of blank pages. I almost miss the good old days and carefree times back then. The press poked fun at the administration, but they weren't so hateful, for the most part. Or maybe I was just too young to see it, being born in 1960. The stakes were certainly just as high, with the war in S.E. Asia and the protests here at home. Take care of your cold, and make sure that it doesn't turn into something worse. Don't forget to get as much rest as you can. And I know that the Vaporub is helpful, even though I hate it.