Monday, January 09, 2017

Shh! We're 'Nauguratin'!

     Indiana's Gubernatorial Inauguration will be held today, along with the swearing-in of other statewide office-holders -- but not in the usual place, which is on the steps of the Statehouse.

     Mind you, the steps-of-the-Statehouse thing is a fine old 19th-Century ceremony in front of a beautifully-restored fine old 19th-Century capitol building, but you need a fine old 19th-Century attitude and a fine old 19th-Century overcoat, hat, gloves and boots to fully appreciate it from the standing-room-only space in front of the steps.  Last time, Mike Pence drew two thousand shivering spectators and this year, in the wake of a cold snap that saw single-digit temperatures in the city, incoming Governor Eric Holcomb moved it to Indiana Farmer's Coliseum at the State Fairgrounds.

     I admit, my initial reaction was to wonder if we were inaugurating a State Cow and State Chickens as a part of the festivities, but on reflection, it's not a bad idea: among other things, the present outside temperature is 17°F and it will barely break freezing today.  The Coliseum --  a beautifully-restored fine old 20th-Century Art Deco building -- has a 21st-Century heating system, a readily-secured perimeter, a first-rate PA system and comfortably seats over six thousand, including, I hope, a fair number of schoolchildren for this event. There are even camera platforms for media coverage.

     Eric Holcomb seems to have a smattering of common sense; at least, saying "No" to communal frostbite strikes me as a good sign.


Garrett Lee said...

But the disadvantage is that there is no longer any point in a short speech. Everybody remembers William Henry Harrison effectively killing himself with a nearly-two-hour speech at his inauguration. What incentive does your Governor have?

Anonymous said...

He'll be standing on a hockey rink.