Friday, April 07, 2017

Geopolitical Update

     Here it is, as I understand it: until late yesterday, the debate was over if it was good or bad if Oceania was run by a ruler suspected of favoring Eurasia instead of Eastasia, but as of today, both factions firmly despise Eurasia while suspecting the motives of the opposing faction for so doing.

     And Great Leader is still a hapless, crude mastermind, as well as being a puppet and a loose cannon.  And perhaps a square circle, cold heat and a skinny fat man.

     I'm supposed to care deeply about all this but somehow, I just don't.  World War Three?  Total yawner.  Pax Americana?  Dull as ditchwater.  Proxy wars fought anywhere too broke or torn-up to matter to the civilized world?  An old, boring meat-grinder.*  No matter who does what, the barbarians keep building themselves thrones on the bloody bones of mothers and children, just as they always have.  It's not safe to leave them to it and you can't stop 'em without adding to the death-toll.

      It is snicker-worthy watching Uncle Vlad get all huffy about the "violation of international law" in the U. S. sending a missile salvo on a badwill tour of a Syrian air force base.  Tell it to the Ukrainians, you scheming weasel, and then yank the veto chain from your comfy seat on the UN Security Council just like all the other Great Powers do after they've beat up some two-bit country that doesn't have that option.
* The day I see a significant minority of maimed veterans in the U.S. Congress will be the day I start to think we might get a generation's relief from that wretched game.  It took a Civil War to buy that much peace last time, 1865 -1898, and amateur historians are probably going to cite examples showing even that hindsight is overly rose-colored, probably from all the Army and Native American blood spilled.

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Jeffrey Smith said...

Mind you, Civil War vets were still firmly plenty on the ground in 1898. McKinley himself was the last Civil War veteran to become President. Much of it was as quartermaster/staff position, but he was involved in several battles, Antietam among them.