Friday, April 21, 2017

Oh, The Dentistry!

     Yes, I'm up at oh-dark-thirty because I'm due -- overdue! -- for a cleaning and exam.  I try to schedule these things outside of work hours, helped by the fact that I start my work day after the bankers (but it ends well after the cows have come home).  All the dentist had available was the very first appointment of the day, and her day starts before the rooster crows.

     Which is why I'm up so early, and perhaps explains why this odd mix of livestock and bankers are milling around in front of my mind's eye.

- - -

     On another medical note, maybe the prescription anti-inflammatory is doing something. It had better; since all I can take is acetaminophen and I'm trying to stay at 50% of the maximum dose so I have some reserve capacity if things get bad, I'm out of OTC painkiller options.


rickn8or said...

There's just something fundamentally wrong with getting up at oh-dark-thirty to go to the dentist.

(Spoken by someone that's gotten a speeding ticket on the way to one.)

Anonymous said...

When I worked in a technical support role, we said that if you came in early, you had to stay late to make up for it.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I am scraping the bottom of the barrel on NSAIDs myself. Indomethacin, Meloxocam... no more muscle relaxers, I've taken too many and they no worky.

Hello heating pad and traction... come to papa.