Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Off To The Doctor Again

     Eye doctor yesterday, regular doctor today.  I feel like I should start a long, pointless and vaguely horrifying story about lumbago or psoriasis or possibly geloso,* but I won't.  That medical stuff is pretty dull or pretty dire and either way, best not explored in detail.  No, I don't have any of those ailments.

     Spent some extra time at work last evening, running last-minute wires. The network cable we ordered showed up.  The carpet guys showed up, unloaded half their stuff, left "to pick up the rest" and flaked off for the day instead of returning.  A win for my side, not so great for the contractor's project manager.  Flooring crews tend to be sensitive, artistic types, or perhaps just finicky because the other trades literally walk all over them.  Good to get done but it takes its toll -- got home way late, did laundry while eating pizza Tam had ordered, and went to bed.
* The latter actually a brand of amateur radio equipment by Italian-American John Geloso, who went back to the Old Country after WW II to build it, doing well while doing good.  But I wanted to throw in a ringer and it seemed to fit.


D.W. Drang said...

I'd never heard of Geloso, maybe at the Communications Academy this weekend I'll see someone who has. (Probably. We get some names you'd recognize.)

Only once dealt with a raised floor, and it was a new concept to me then, almost 30 years ago. Being an Army facility it was tiled, not carpeted, and being an Army facility some genius decided to clean it up with a buffer, which did not turn out well...

Paul said...

Or maybe they are just a-holes. Most of the construction guys I know are not the best of people.

Some are. Most aren't.

Roberta X said...

Alcohol may have been involved -- but I'm just speculating.