Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Then The P.S.

     So I went and saw the doctor yesterday; she added an anti-inflammatory to the witch's brew of colorful candies I'm taking and told me to stop taking ibuprofen, as the two work in similar ways and taking them together is too darned much.  (Tylenol is still on the menu, as is a baby aspirin per day.)  So, fine, fine, in and out with minimum damage and something new to try--

     And then, after a perfectly lovely day working in the construction zone at work, barely ahead of the carpeting crew and getting in the way (a little) of the electricians hanging lights and the ceiling-tile guys (a lot) on their tall stilts, I get back to my desk and my cell phone, which has the message light blinking: Nurse Adam, calling to tell me that the doctor meant to send me over for labs, and could I please drop by at my convenience?

     Yeah, sure.  But not this morning, because it was more convenient to make a mushroom, mozzarella and bacon omelette, in compensation for my English muffin and coffee breakfasts the past two days and the "probably none at all" I will enjoy (?) on Friday before heading up to see the dentist before dawn is hardly broken.

- - -

     By the way, it works perfectly well to microwave the mushrooms (2 - 3 minutes) instead of taking the time to pan-fry them, and it's probably better for you.  Portobello, oyster and shiitake mushrooms, a nice combination and sold in about the right amount for a three-egg omelette.  I added exactly one (1) crumbled Ritz cracker to the egg mix, which worked fine, cooking just a bit fluffy and quite sturdy enough to fold over.

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Ruth said...

meloxicam (aka Mobic)? Long term I find it works better than an over the counter dose of ibuprofen, but not quite as well as a prescription dose of Aleve. But it's less likely to eat my stomach than either. Its also stupid cheap, being one of the drugs thats been discounted big time by most pharmacies.