Wednesday, June 19, 2019

And Here We Are

     Found myself working at the North Campus yesterday, alone, when a migraine hit.  Bad one, the kind where the room spins and working on a two-step ladder is out of the question.  Which wasn't so great, since I had some things planned that took way more ladder.

    Been there, done that; I figured I'd just grab an acetaminophen and a couple of ibuprofen from my stash and keep moving, maybe stick closer to the ground while it kicked in.  The combination doesn't stop the headache but it mutes it considerably.

     Yeah, little problem: I had no OTC analgesics.  I belatedly remembered I'd taken the last acetaminophen the day before and had planned to restock--  "Planned" is not "done" and doing hadn't happened.

     Okay, it's a mile to the corner drugstore, mostly in a straight line.  I could drive that; it wouldn't be much fun but I could manage.  I stood up and turned--  And sat right back down as the room spun.  Which was when I remembered that's a bridge out and the closest source for headache pills was at least a three mile drive.

     It doesn't sound like much but just then, you'd have not wanted to share the road with me.  I gave up and called Tamara to bring some medicine from home, and did desk work while I was waiting.

     Never did get on that ladder.


Merle said...

Migraines are no joke! One of our neighbor girls had them going on constantly for nearly 11 years, before a new medication helped her. She has been pain free for over 6 months now, and damned glad to be out of hospitals....

You have my sympathy - for what it's worth!!!

Paul said...

Hope you are better soon. Glad Tam could rescue you.