Thursday, June 06, 2019

At Last, A Decent Night's Sleep

     With one thing and another -- headaches, distractions, last-minute cleanups and, yes, television -- I hadn't had a really good night's sleep in quite some time. 

     Made up my mind yesterday that I was darned well gonna get to bed early, and what do you know, after only a short detour into dozing on the couch after my salad and sandwich,* I actually managed to spend some quality time with Little Nemo!

     Maybe I'll start a trend.  At least a personal one.
* Mixed spring greens with orange bell pepper, black olives and feta cheese, alongside two toasted slices of rye/pumernickel swirl with pastrami, mild pickled banana peppers, Swiss cheese, thin-sliced Buffalo chicken and a little bit of horseradish in between.  Which is how you get dreams like this.


Carteach said...

Tuesday night I plopped into bed before 6pm, just exhausted.
Woke to the alarems at 4am, with chills and fevers. Call in dead, and
went back to sleep til 9ish.

Yeah.... I needed sleep. This schedule is stupid.

Drang said...

Congratulations, and may there be many happy returns! ;-)