Thursday, June 13, 2019

It's Thursday

     Get through today, get through Friday.  That's as ambitious as my goals are right now.

     It's ridiculous how difficult this schedule is for me.  I can't quite believe it, and then I'm irked at myself for the gastrointestinal upset, staggering exhaustion and mood swings, as if they were moral failings or something I could overcome by a concentrated effort of will.

     They're not.  They're physical limitations.  Past doing my best to get enough sleep, healthy food (not doing as well there as I should, but a lot of things don't sit too well) and taking my vitamins and OTC pain  meds, there's nothing I can do but hang on and do my work as well as I can.

     I'm going to shop for new and better window blinds this weekend.  That would have helped this week.  Not being able to get my room really dark is a big obstacle to falling asleep.


BC said...

I recently picked up some blackout curtains on Amazon which work pretty well. "Wontex thermal insulated blackout curtains" 2 pack of panels measures 52" wide and 63" long each, and the 2 pack is good for about 50" width of window coverage. I used 2 of the 2 packs for my wider window. They hang a bit like a shower curtain, so pretty easy to install

They block a lot more than my previous vertical blinds, and I mounted them as close as I could to the ceiling to reduce the light spilling over the top of them and into the room; I also extended the rod about 4" beyond the end of the window to block spillover on the sides. Blocks about 85% of the light with direct sun shining on the window, so there is a bit of glow that shows through them, but still much better than the previous blinds only.

Good luck on the wonky schedule, those can be a real pain in the backside especially when you switch onto and off of them.

Anonymous said...

Would a sleep mask work ? My wife uses one and though it took a bit of time to get used to, it became of much comfort. She falls asleep quickly though, I think it would bother me to no end as the wheels in my mind continue to turn if I'm not completely exhausted. Its why I spend the last half hour of day reading a book.

Roberta X said...

Maybe. I stopped wearing sleep masks when my ex and I worked different shifts and I slept in the house alone a lot. I have anxiety enough without adding a blindfold!

Need to get serious about blackout shades, soffits and finishing up the curtains I started on awhile back.

Comrade Misfit said...

My cat will demolish window blinds and curtains because they obstruct his view. So I learned to use a sleep mask, even though my first reaction to one was that I was being stood in front of a firing party of Tommies.