Tuesday, June 04, 2019

"Yanqui, Go Home" (Union Jack Edition)

     The President of the United States is in Great Britain, making State visits and doing his usual sort of things -- sniping at critics, admiring the crowned heads, etc.  Some of the Crown subjects aren't too happy about it.

     At one time, I would have fussed about the futility of protesting foreign leaders.  What's it gonna do?  Do the sign-wavers and balloon-toters believe he's going to see them and think, "Oh, dear, the good people of Foreignostan find me objectionable," return home forthwith and resign on arrival?  Not how it works; even in the UK, where Prime Ministers are, occasionally, embarrassed out of office, that's not actually how it works.

     But anymore -- face it, historically, it's been safer in most countries to criticize the leader of a different country than your own (with the exception of protesting USSR bosses in most of Eastern Europe during the Soviet years); the Brits have already chased their PM out and they're feeling their oats, at least as much as they ever do.   If they want to have a Five Minutes Hate funfair, they're going to, and at least they're not trying to re-invade India or anything along those lines.


Windy Wilson said...

It must really matter to the Leftist Media just which royalty our President admires.
British Empire/Commonwealth, Very, Very Very, Bad.
Women suppressing regimes with little if any western traditions of governance and culture,
Very Very, Very GOOD!

Windy Wilson said...

Twenty-five years ago, I said, at a party, "The countries around the world that have had the least influence from "Dead White, European Males" have the least woman-empowering societies.
The woman I said that to gasped and said, "But you can't Say that!"
She didn't disagree.

pigpen51 said...


Two very good, perceptive comments. You probably still cannot say that, but you hit it pretty close.

Roberta, I hope I am not one who has caused you problems with comments. If so, I am sorry,I never wish to offend. And this is your home, not mine. If I bother you, a quick word, and I will leave you alone.

Roberta X said...

pigpen51, you're not the problem.