Saturday, June 01, 2019

Gun Show Weekend!

     The Indy 1500 is back in town!


waepnedmann said...

Boy, that snapped you out of your not feeling well quickly!

I had a physician friend tell me that in medical school one professor told them that 80% of people illness were psychosomatic.
SAD can kick your tail. Maybe the sunshine will help. It brought my dad back enough that he can go outside without feeling that his lungs are shutting down (new Dr visit tomorrow to pursue the procedure that when he wakes up from it he will be 17 again. He complains about his vision to the eye doc, but passed his last driver's license exam without having to wear his glasses).
It's been a long hard winter.

I talked to him about scheduling a range trip toward the end of the week after the other Dr appointments.
One needs to have something (like the Indy 500 gun show) in which to look forward.

Have fun!
Try the felt insoles in your boots. You will love them.

Roberta X said...

I took my allergy medicine. That makes a huge difference. I try to not use the stuff too much, but sometimes that's what it takes.

Drang said...

Northwest Division Convention this weekend. The YL for her t3chnician ticket on Tuesday, so instead of going along for a weekend out of town, she went to the convention and attended some seminars.

On the way down she says "I need to pick up the study guide for the General test..."

I'd say I created a monster, but really I haven't been pressuring her at all to get licensed.