Thursday, July 08, 2010

BBB: Bradys Unfit For Donations

Here's a tip from the Better Business Bureau: The Brady Campaign To Disarm Citizens does not measure up to the BBB's critera for accountability. Might as well put that quarter in the gumball machine -- at least you'll know where it's going.

Speaking of "at least you'll know..." one of the failures is, they're not tellin' BBB what security measures (if any) are in place to protect personal information that is collected. Ooops.


Midwest Chick said...

Being as they're selling their membership list, I can see why they left that little tidbit out.

Anonymous said...

Chief Executive : Paul Helmke, President
Well we know what Paul's price is now.

staghounds said...

We know what he admits to getting. He might be a lot cheaper.

And the campaign has always been Sarah Brady's free money machine.

Hey- better them than someone effective.

Dave Markowitz said...

In contrast, the BBB gives the NRA an A-.

kaveman said...

I assume this is in reference to the fact that the Brady Bunch has changed their fundraising angle on facebook to mGIVE.

Their old system only garnered $159 from 1059 "members."

They're toast with no butter, no jam.

Rightwing Cowboy said...

Why did it take them so long to come to this decision?