Friday, July 02, 2010

"Gun In Your Car" News Coverage Collected

You'll find the round-up at Indiana Law Blog with a slightly silly headline: "'Take A Gun To Work Law' Goes Into Effect." Includes coverage of some of the outfits that are claiming a Federal law trumps State law -- and for some businesses and some locations, it does. Looks like the airports have a bit of a clue, but then again, they have already had to put some work into understanding who can have what, where, and in what condition.

The massive steel Euro-firm ArcelorMittal is certain the Feds say no for them, but hasn't cited the law. Yeah, you bet -- 'cos, you know, there's nothing else dangerous at a steel mill; guns would be simply horrifying to the fragile, dreamy millworkers.... (And why's an outfit that makes armor plate worried, anyway?) They're sure not talkin' about it on the Innertubes:However, if you dig far enough, you'll find this: "Ignorance of the law is generally not considered a valid defence when an infraction is committed, regardless of the jurisdiction where the Company is operating." So you'd think they'd point folks to what the law might be, no? No. But here's a clue from Indiana Business Journal back in March: "Our partners at The Times of Northwest Indiana report ArcelorMittal USA Chief Executive Officer Michael Rippey wrote to Daniels the day after the proposal was passed by the General Assembly. He says exemptions in the bill for some workplaces are "arbitrary and capricious" and lack any 'rational basis.'" H'mm, the plot thickens.

Elsewhere -- more or less -- our dear, dear pals at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce now claim they, too are only miffed that the law is inconsistent -- why, it doesn't even exempt banks! Got news for ya, kiddo: I carry a gun into the bank all the time. It hasn't leapt up and tried to rob the place yet and neither have I. Shocking, isn't it? Tellya what, a few more armed bank employees'd slow the robbery rate right down, too. If we did a little wayback action, we'd find IC0fC was totally opposed to the law when it was just a bill. Fascinating. They claim it's all about property rights -- yet my car or other vehicle is my property and the law specifically does not allow me to remove my firearm from it while on my employer's property. Golly gee, Mr. Chamber, how's that work? Are the only citizens with property rights you recognize named Inc., Co. and LLC? Stunning. And tell me, dear ICofC, when did you and the Euros end up singin' in such sweet, sweet harmony?

Oh, for a cluebat. But I guess that would be wrong. Have to pelt 'em with lawyers, instead.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Oh, for a cluebat. But I guess that would be wrong.

Oh, I dunno. My cousin (who works for the same company as myself) has a gen-yoo-wine Louisville Slugger clue bat that I bought for her last year :)

Given her position in the company it's probably wrong, but we think it's a riot.

rickn8or said...

Then there's that hammer handle I bought but keep forgetting to take out of the truck...

It's fallen down beside the seat somewheres.

How long before the wholesale massacres start there in Indiana you think??

Miguel said...

It's been a couple of years here in Florida "suffering" under the Guns at Work law.... we are still waiting for the massacres, shootouts and the guy pissed off at his supervisor and stitching him a ballistic tattoo.