Monday, June 27, 2011

June BlogMeet

A small turnout but a good time: Kerry, The Jack, Shermlock & Mrs. Shomes, Tam and Yr. Crrspndt.

A couple of pork crepes ("delicious," Tam reports), a tender hanger steak and -- of course -- plenty of Brugge's signature frites ("French" fries, if you must) with selections from their dozen-plus list of things-to-dip-them-in.Discussion ranged from grilling to senators (ijits), what's wrong with the world (senators) and how to fix it (elections, trees, rope, in-depth reporting, some of the above), with delightful excursions into matters of more pressing interest, like Shermlock's hibiscus-and-white Hawaiian shirt, made by Mrs. Shomes (who is, as I have remarked in the past, extraordinarily gifted that way).

I snapped a photo of Tam by accident, very high-contrast and arty, which she feels is from an unflattering angle, so I shan't post it. But it was way better than anything I'd've set out to do, which just goes to show.


Home on the Range said...

Sorry to miss it. I'd made plans to spend some days off with MC and B, just not feeling too sociable, and ended doing some therapeutic range socializes, and wine.

Please say hi to everyone, I'll try and get back to one this fall, the rest of the summer is crazy.

Roberta X said...

Roger, Wilco!

Joseph said...

Tam has an unflattering angle? Why, that's like saying Roberta X has an unflattering angle!! Not possible!!

Justthisguy said...

Never fear, I have Tam's "yachting" photo on my hard drive, showing her as young and sexy, with a grumpy snarky facial expression. That is how I like to think of Our Tam.