Monday, October 07, 2013

Like An Occupying Army

    That's how the Feds are acting under the shutdown -- detailing men and materiel to shut down access to national monuments and parks, even shutting down (or trying to) private businesses in them.  Federal websites are not being shutdown -- instead, new pages were added, dead-ending anyone hitting the URL.  No 404 for!  Even the Federal Amber Alert page is down -- but don't worry, the real Amber Alert/Silver Alert system is run by the individual EAS systems of the individual states, and receives little if any funding from Uncle Sam.

     This is like the behavior of an occupying army, one usually kept at bay by monstrous bribes that have been denied: close down the symbolic sites that might serve the natives as rallying-points, draw the blinds, turn off the lights....

    Washington's bureaucracy, at the behest of their master, has spoken: they see us as the enemy.  And we should not be at all surprised that their closest enemy is the House of Representatives, the single entity in the Federal government intended to represent The People.

     Some of The People have been muttering for awhile now that all politics in the U.S. have become no more than a dress rehearsal for civil war.  I still hope they're wrong -- but you've gotta wonder.


Dave H said...

I hope everybody will keep reminding their neighbors that while Congress may be the proximate cause of the shutdown, it's the Administration who decided to close open-air monuments and evict people from homes on federal lands.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm hoping what we learn from all of this is that the federal government bureaucracy, by and large, isn't actually needed.

JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

They need to be openly defied. Put elderly people out of their paid-for homes, because it's on fed land? Put em back in their home w/a troop of bikers camping in the yard. Close the frigging OCEAN? Put a flotilla of charter boats out and ignore the Park "Service".I think Dr. King showed us civil disobedience can work. Problem is, conservatives are harder to herd than cats. But we need to use the tools the left has, against them. It's worked in the pro 2A movement, now's the time to focus on the socialist wankers who have no problem beating up on the folks they claim to represent.

Stretch said...

Elect a Chicago politician get Chicago politics.

Stranger said...

Everyone has a high opinion of themselves, but I seriously doubt anyone at the regime can imagine anything outside historical precedent.

From historical precedent, it appears the intent is a coup d'etat, with the army ousting all but harry reid and other loyalists from Congress, overpowering loyal units and the Citizens Militia, and installing a figurehead government.

If the States refuse to turn over the National Guard, and it and the Citizens Militia holds, we will have a nice little civil war. Or at least as civil as war gets.

At least that's the way I would bet if I were a betting man. Instead, I just try to make sure my friends are stocked up.