Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stop Press! The Algore Has Lied On The Internet!

     Who'd'a thunk it?  The very man who invented this here innernet, disseminating distinct disinformation over it?  I am shocked, shocked to see this kind of thing go on.

     Item: Albert Gore, 21 August, in the WaPo: "...We’ve seen changes in Australia, the largest coal producing nation...."

     Item: Wikipedia, list of coal-producing nations:
Image from Wikipedia, see link above.                

     Australia: not largest by volume of coal, population or land area.  Not even effing close.

    Cue K. KASEM: "Coming in at number four in our countdown, but only 'cos the EU doesn't count as a single country, it's the Land Down Under!"

    China digs up six times as much coal, lights up a new coal-puffer power plant each and every day, and where's Mr. Gore?  ...crickets....

    Geez, he doesn't even bother to make the crap plausible any more, does he?


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

So why would Algore pick on poor little Australia? Oh right! He didn't like the election they had down under there.

Dave H said...

Geez, he doesn't even bother to make the crap plausible any more, does he?

Once you have a following of True Believers, you don't have to. And since it's a religion, nobody else is allowed to deride it.

Ken said...

I am beginning to conceive an active dislike for some of these people.

Stranger said...

The failed science student is not talking for the masses. Only for the media. Which will repeat it both mindlessly and endlessly until the masses get the message.


John A said...

And China imports a lot of coal - from Australia, which is a political foo - er, soccer - ball in Oz.

rickn8or said...

Wonder how much of this Global Warmening stuff OwlGore preaches in/at China?

Wonder how much China pays attention to OwlGore and his feelings.

I'm sure they give it serious consideration, right up there with phlogiston theory and astrology.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

You know, since he invented the Internet, I suppose anything he says on it is the truth.

For values of truth, anyway. /irony

Mark Philip Alger said...

Dog bites man. Drop me a line when Gore tells the truth. Or even sidles up to it. Hell, if he gets within two degrees of longitude of it.


Anonymous said...

Oz might have been the largest coal EXPORTER? They were in 2010. Indonesia has them beaten for 2011, according to the

Mr. Gore is incorrect, as usual, but his gaffes and idiocy will be ignored by the media and his synchophants. If some one from the right makes a similar error, s/he will be castigated as an idiot and buffoon. (can you say Sarah Palin?)

Link to coal info: --