Friday, July 25, 2014

And Here's To Not Getting A Decent Night's Sleep

     Did not sleep well.  Did not go to sleep at all happy -- I'm not chatty at the end of the day and I am fighting with a difficult bit of editing -- and woke up less so and with an aching back, which I have capped with barely-adequate French Toast and inexplicably overstrength coffee.  Oh, and a hammering headache to go.  Can I get chips with that?

     Such is life within my narrowed horizons.  One of the reasons I'm not commenting so much on world, national or even state-level happenings is that practically none of it looks good.  Republic stumbles towards Empire and on the main stage, there are no Catos, only would-be Caesars of mildly differing stripe -- and I am told with sincere pride that this is a "choice."  Yeah, no.


Mark Philip Alger said...

And the men who want you to believe they are your leaders are opening the gates for the barbarians.

Roberta X said...

Not sure we share a definition of "barbarian," Mark.

LCB said...

Had a bad night too. In my case, it was because I got thrown from my iron pony (in grass thankfully, and not going too fast)...all achey breaky...took percocet (have it around for migraines)...and it wired me.

Gave up at 4:30 and watched some news. Saw an add for 2 dollar bills: a deal at $10 each.

Bubblehead Les. said...

The only problem with the Empire Scenario is the fact that most of the Caesar Wannabes couldn't lead a Pack of Drunks to Happy Hour with the phrase "I'm Buying!"

Ken said...

Oh, now, the differences are stark...stark, I say.

One party is 50.1 percent stupid and 49.9 percent evil, and the other is its polar opposite.

Anonymous said...

Overstrength coffee?

What does that MEAN?


Mark Philip Alger said...

Classic definition, those who live beyond the borders. Not-citizens. Who do pose a threat to comfort and privilege.


Roberta X said...

Got no time for anyone who thinks the rights of a sufficiently-small minority may be disregarded.

Count me in with Ayn Rand: "The individual is the smallest minority."