Sunday, July 13, 2014

Slept In? You Bet!

     Tam and I I went to the Indianapols Hamfest yesterday, walked and walked -- and bought some neat stuff --
     And then on to 317 Burger for lunch.  I ordered an appetizer called "Bacon" on the menu -- just the one word.  They offer a staggering variety of bacons as a burger topping, so I  was curious what this might be.  It's more of an entree:
     Yes, that's bacon lightly breaded and deep-fried, with a nicely-spiced sausage gravy to dip it in!  Way too much for me; I shared it with the Tam and she countered with half of a ruben egg roll (with Thousand Island dressing to dip it in!).  Okay, you shouldn't have this every day -- or every week, even -- but it certainly is tasty!  (Generally speaking, cornmeal bacon [etc.] is milder-tasting than plain bacon.  This is not; it's loaded with bacon-ness, while the batter it was dipped in sings harmony.  I don't know how they do it.)

     I had to take a nap when we got home, then woke late and stayed up too late before making breakfast (open-face fired egg sandwich on toast -- egg  fried in olive oil with a few drops of chili oil added, then topped with a small slice of Swiss cheese.  When the cheese is melty, you flip the egg onto the toast cheese side down, season to taste and enjoy!).


Dave In Indiana said...

At first glance I thought the second pic was of a fried hard crab...WTH? When did they become popular in this redneck of the woods? Must have something to do with the Colts being from Baltimore.
Then I read that it was bacon that just so happened to be stacked in a way to look like a deep fried, batter dipped blue fin crab. Damn, I was ready to move to Indy.

Roberta X said...


Ygolonac said...

I've never used a head-mounted multimeter, myself.

Or are there knockoff Oculus Rifts already?


Anonymous said...

Xystals !!! make think of finding an old DX-60 and a straight key to see what bands are open.


rickn8or said...

Could have sworn you mentioned your "heart in a gear" engineering shirt on this post.

Oh, well.

Another take on the Science vs. Engineering" debate.

Roberta X said...

Might have been in comments at Tam's.

Neatorama still sells them.

rickn8or said...

Mystery solved.

'Twas on your FaceBook posting of this.