Monday, August 31, 2015

A Shy Spider

     ...With a "face" marking!

     It -- probably she, from the size -- is another orb weaver, with yellow knees, and very shy.  It's built several webs on the side of the front porch and in what appears a typical ploy, the first web was very big and subsequent ones are smaller.  Testing the bug flight paths?

     When I walked down the steps and around on the grass to get a photo of the top of the spider, it ran up to one corner, adopted a contorted-looking pose, and held it.  Nothing to see here!  Just an old dead bug!  Move on, move on.

1 comment:

rickn8or said...

Your interest in spiders is fascinating. At what point sizewise between what's around your house and this specimen do you shift from "Oh, how cute!" to "Kill it! Kill it with fire!"