Saturday, August 08, 2015

Saturday Morning, Isn't It?

     A nice, shiny one, too.  Yes, yes, very nice.  Quite beyond my budget, you understand--  Yes, even with a bank loan.  Out of the question.  No, of course I'd like to enjoy a nice Saturday morning, especially one as good as this one!

     It's just, you see, that I am in a fair amount of pain.  Really, an unfair amount.  Altogether too much....

     Kidding aside, I am hurting indeed and this truly lovely morning will probably have to get on with its loveliness without me.  Yesterday, a few pain pills turned hours of ouch into what felt like days of idle TV watching -- pilots of The Almighty Johnsons and Dark Matter, reruns of Twilight Zone and Kolchak: the Night Stalker.  Today, I think OTC pills and sleep.

     (The first series is about the New Zealand-dwelling incarnations of Norse gods, who have fallen on hard times in the godding business but are working on a comeback while living as more-or-less regular humans; the second appears to borrow from both Andromeda and Firefly and possibly Stargate: Universe.  Are they any good? I dunno.  ...Johnsons... gets high marks from a co-worker for quirky, well-written scripts.  If TZ and Kolchak don't ring any bells, I can't help you; the latter eventually fell short of its promise but did establish Chicago as the U. S. city most likely to suffer supernatural awfulness, later confirmed by The Dresden Files books and TV series, Special Unit 2 and occasional episodes of The X Files, among others.)


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Loved The Johnsons. Best part is that it's a limited run series that ends at the close of Season 3. It didn't get cancelled, they wrote it to a logical conclusion. 5 stars

Old NFO said...

Hope the pain moderates.