Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Relativity Of Luxury

     I've been getting up a four a.m. most of this week.  This morning I wallowed in the delicious idleness of not getting out of bed until shortly before six.  It was wonderful!

     GenCon is in town and I may look into it.  Due to work and other obligations, I missed The International Hoard Of Late* during the last one, which was unfortunate, since he was involved in a couple of classes and/or panels on writing. I think very highly of his ability to write entertaining fiction.
* L. Correia.  He totally fails to live up the the nickname -- doesn't even have a lair in a volcano.  James Bond himself scoped out the man's place, then went back and got drunk at the airport bar before flying home to London and getting yelled at by M.  The TSA took all his kewl stuff, too.  That's why the Grauniad hates Larry.

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