Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"I Wouldn't Leave The House In Those Shoes"

     Yeah, well, you wouldn't.  Maybe that guy or gal over there would.  Maybe I would.  The Romans said, "De gustibus non disputandum est," but what they meant was, "There ain't a point to arguing personal style."

     This even applies to style we find distasteful.  You may not like the looks of a person with a face full of piercings, but only the users of large electromagnets have a valid reason to turn them away at the door.  Tattoos, strange attire that hews to local law on what's seen vs obscene, public displays of affection likewise... -- it's a long, long list and a web-wander through The People Of Wal-Mart will curdle your hair.

     So when a blogger I like and respect looked figuratively sideways at OCer's with a full-sized plastic-frame autopistol and a couple of spare mags, I understood he was like my Mom being squicked by excessive tattoos: not sayin' it should be illegal, merely finding it declassé.

     Well, friends, this is a great big world and if we edited out everything everyone finds distasteful, pretty soon there wouldn't be anything left, not even cheese or pencils.  Yeah, yeah, carrying a gun at people (as Tamara says) is frikkin' rude, but picking your nose standing in line at the grocery story is way more so and yet that hasn't stopped some people.  It's possible (I'm told) to set up a legal framework that leaves people free, but you can't make 'em classy.  Let 'em out of the house and some are going to shop in their PJs.  Others are going to skip the toothbrush.  Freedom includes the freedom to offend -- so long as you do not assault.  It's not always comfortable or nice; that's not how it works.

     If you can't understand that, perhaps you should consider running for public office.


chuck w said...

I wouldn't open carry as I prefer the more stealthy kind of carry but that's just me. It does concern me that some open carry is just obnoxiously rude and scary to a lot of folks and may be detrimental to our cause but, as you say, that's freedom. I wouldn't wear a pink tutu to work but if my coworker wants to, it is none of my business, even if he looks more like a linebacker than a ballerina.

Anonymous said...

"Freedom includes the freedom to offend -- so long as you do not assault. It's not always comfortable or nice; that's not how it works."

The Left is doing it's damnedest to stamp out *any* dissent under the label of 'micro-aggression' and vague (if not outright) accusations of offense.

And having success at it. Until quite recently, the hot up-and-coming comedians played the 'student union' university circuit.

Not. Any. More.

*Please* read this article, it will *horrify* you:

Just wait until these 'politically correct' Nazis apply those techniques to the workplace. *YOUR* workplace.

Freedom *will not* include the freedom to offend, it will be a fireable offense.

Heard this morning on the radio that the Millennials actually prefer Socialism to Capitalism:

The Left is in the process of building something truly evil. We are in for a very bumpy ride...

Tam said...

"Freedom includes the freedom to offend --"

Even to offend by gently mocking someone's attire or bat belt? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Ms. Keel, if you think I have implied otherwise. Please point it out so that I may correct it.

rickn8or said...

"If you can't understand that, perhaps you should consider running for public office."

This is probably the meanest thing I've seen in your writings.

Ritchie said...

Large electromagnets, lots of frequency-

Ow ow ow what made that happen???

Take some classes. Some electrical stuff, some Shakespeare.

It's bigger world than you thought.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Curdle your hair. I don't know if that was deliberate or you just learned different than me. Funny either way.

Roberta X said...

Rickn8: Yes. Yes it is.

Chuck: It's deliberate. Also, I like the image.