Friday, February 05, 2016

Nightmare In Glue

     Most of the past week has been a nightmare of swimming in glue, everything going ...tooooo....slooooowly... while the world lept by like lightning.  The completion of tasks receded at at crawl only barely faster than the glacial pace I was moving at, yet slipping farther and farther away the harder I tried.

     Why?  I don't know.  Swing shift weeks have always suffered from this and I try to go into them with plenty of sleep.  Maybe my "big excitement" of walking a small gun show last Saturday was too much exertion.  Sunday went well enough and I was in bed in time to get up rested Monday -- but I fought to stay awake Monday and the transition from an 0300 start Monday to my usual midmorning-start was hard.  I didn't sleep well until last night and at that, I am only just now out of bed.

     But hey, I am out of bed now.  Might as well get to doing something.

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Anonymous said...

Shift work is destructive to sleep patterns, precisely the patterns... aren't.

Been away from it for a few years, and I still have disrupted sleep.

Fun, fun, fun...