Saturday, December 10, 2016

10 December: Hit The Holiday Wall

     That's enough Christmas cheer for one year already, thank you very much.  Yes, wassail you right back, now just go, please?  Go.  And take 2016 with you.


Anonymous said...

Stuff upper lip, kid.
Just two weeks and a wake-up and we've survived another holiday season.

With respectful affection,


rickn8or said...

What Ed and Roberta said.

New Year's Day is a celebration of a break from celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the official League of Scrooges.

Lowe's had the Christmas stuff hiding behind the Halloween decorations in the middle of October. Which is just wrong.

I've had enough Cheer for at least 2 more years.

Roberta X said...

Just a-countin' down. I dodged the company Christmas party again -- used to be, I had to buy a new "prom dress" every year; then they dialed back the dress code and a Little Black Dress would do. Then they didn't have them for a few years -- the GM at the time favored a nice, big, family-type gathering during the work day, with food and prizes and no alcohol, and his successor favoring having nothing at all.

Now we have them again, at a millionaire's house (the Lucases of Lucas Oil and I am told they're very nice people). But I'm old and the dress code reads, "festive attire. No jeans or sneakers," which just leaves me confused and entirely lacking in wardrobe.

Raz Raxxaffian said...

Perhaps a Ms. Santa outfit? Or maybe an elf costume. Not north-poleish, but more like Rivendell from the Rings, as Galadriel maybe?

In any case, probably easier and more fun to spend the evening in Broad Ripple wearing normal attire instead.