Saturday, April 01, 2017

Mom's In The Hospital

     She went in Friday morning with suspected pneumonia, but the doctors decided maybe not and are working on figuring out just what is going on.  I visited her last evening and she's alert, lucid -- and about as happy anyone having to remember to breathe in through her nose and out through her mouth ever is.  Supplemental oxygen is a wonderful thing but it's awkward, especially when you doze off.

     Please keep my Mom in your thoughts.


Comrade Misfit said...

Consider it done. I hope they can resolve this for your mom.

Merle Morrison said...

I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.


Blackwing1 said...

There's a nasty upper-respiratory bug going around right now that causes uncontrollable coughing for more than a week's time, with occasional fever/chills. One guy (we're going to start calling him "Patient Zero") brought it into work about 3 weeks ago and it has spread through the division like a plague. It's really hard to tell if it morphs into pneumonia, but if you inhale enough of the crud you're producing, it can cause that.

Let's hope that Mom Ecks just has the crud, and that with a little oxygen support and your (patent pending) tincture of time she'll come through it just fine.

If good hopes and positive thinking can do any good at all, please note that we're sending 'em her way.