Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Soylent What?

     So, this morning I'm cooking a sausage for breakfast, and I look at the label:
Polish Sausage
25% less fat than beef or pork sausage
     That's it.  Doesn't say if it's made with turkey, chicken, tilapia, TVP, nope, nothing.  Just "Polish."

     It was delicious.  But I'm still kinda worried.


Ed Jones said...

Every time I see a Antifa riot I think of those Garbage trucks from that picture.

Ygolonac said...

Well, it *does* say Polish, so...

...anyone seen Szymon lately? :ohdear:

Blackwing1 said...

Where can you buy Polish sausage that doesn't have the fed-gov mandated ingredients list?

Even when I go to the local meat market to get snausages the price label that they print off after weighing it has the list on it.

Heavens forfend, what if a vegan thinks that it's kosher (or whatever approval veggies go through) and makes the mistake of eating it? Ohhh, the pearl clutching that would ensue.

Merle Morrison said...

Ignorance is bliss...... :)


Kate said...

You're reading it wrong. It's not Poe-lish, it's paw-lish.
Lots of chemicals, but very low fat.

LoFan John said...

It sounds like part of an old Mad magazine bit that imagined Boris Karloff running a diner: "I'd like a Swiss on rye." "An excellent choice. Would you like him rare or well done?"

c-90 said...

It's POLISH sausages, cause they taste so good, you polish them off.